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Tell me you are successful in something without telling your success in that particular thing?

Overnight Success, can you relate?


Do you believe in overnight success? Do you think in the real world, such a thing, coincidence, chances exist? I believe there are people out there who are confident about it.

If you are this type of person that however was to take a young guy’s opinion who just launched his writing career not long ago, you are probably going to be disappointed. Since I am the type of guy who believes in a strong will, focus, with an outside the box thinking mindset.

That being said, let’s take a look at what success might look like:

Success is when a person recognizes that you are among the top 3, top 5, or even top 10 in your field that they would probably go to as a reference, someone to recommend, or people’s choice to mention in a conversation that they would probably have with a friend, a colleague, a relative.

In other words, can you tell me you are successful without telling me you are successful?

Answering that question would probably go like this:

  • The amount of time;
  • The amount of attention;
  • The number of people that talk about you, who gets to slide your name into their conversation just to look cool or to stay legit or trustworthy for something they are trying to convince people of.

Have you heard the following sayings?

Tell me how many successful people you know then I’ll tell you how famous you might turn out to be.

Are you one of those people that sometimes or even on a daily basis, other people want to look like, sound like, or even one to see other people inspired to accomplished what you have accomplished?

If this is your personal experience, you could probably choose to see this as a good indicator of success.

There is still one thing I have yet to mention but that is equally important. How many haters are circling your current direct or indirect active environment?

Wait, I’m joking… but still, I think this is probably something to look into.

Now don’t get me wrong, you can probably play the lottery like my aunt used to do and hope to be a millionaire the next day but how about you rather consider the people that are making a difference, entertaining you daily by embracing their true talent. Do you think they are overnight achievers?

I’ve been witnessing several small significant changes in my life and I can tell you what you look like, thinking about daily, looking forward to, working towards consistently, starring at every day or every week, YOU DO ATTRACT!

So if I were to give you any advice, it probably would be to consider following the path of several people you look up to, admire, take as an example on a specific topic. They started somewhere, they persevered until people started acknowledging their potential, their talent. Just look at The Rock, Kevin Hart, Trevor Noah. At some point, you will get the feeling that their stories are singing almost the same song.

And let point out a lot of young entrepreneurs, highly qualified professionals are stepping up to make sure they bring their stories to light maybe as a representative of their community. This is to say it’s not just about actors, athletes, or artists; it is about any topic, any subject matter, any field for which you have expertise and/ or passion.

Two ways probably they felt when people started acknowledging them: Natural feeling or Magical feeling.

Natural, if they have consistently and objectively been working and focusing toward the goal backing it up with daily updated data.

Magical, if it was all driven by passion, talent, and will to strive.

So can you tell what you are successful at without specific indications?

Also, please keep that remark in mind, coming from Ray Dalio’s book/ Principles:

There are two paths to success:

1- To have what you need yourself

2- To get it from others.

The second path requires you to have humility.

Now, tell me what is your take on this?

Share in the comments your thoughts or disagreements.


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