Should they recommend your service on a daily basis?

3 min readFeb 6, 2021

Tips on how or why they should reference you to their community, circle, exclusive clubs.

Let me tell you a true story related to my entrepreneurial and professional experience.

There is this really great institution that I’ve been working my ass to collaborate with for the past three years. At the beginning I was sure of myself that I was going to lay hands on them, that I was going to be convincing enough base on several tactics that I’ve learn from sales trainings.

I’ve even tried to influence several of the CEO’s closed people, but nadaniet…”anyen menm”.

Finally, I felt that I was harassing the guy at some point by sending every month an offer to his administration.

At the end, since I couldn’t figure this out, what went wrong, or what should have been the best approach in this situation, I decided that my firm should drop the case.

The power of a review (rating, testimonial)

Height months later, my firm received a call saying that they need us to send a quote as soon as we can regarding a specific service that we offer.

I don’t need to tell you how surprise, intrigue and excited I was and also how fast this quote went in their inbox.

Three weeks later, after the contract ended, I scheduled a meeting with the CEO for the purpose of reinforcing our professional relationship, since this is something we value a lot in my firm.

When asking the guy about what makes his professional life exciting, he took great joy to share with me what projects right now he is currently working on and how much support he has received essentially from several friends and partners. For him, these supports have strongly contributed to the person that he is today.

That’s when he pointed out the idea of contacting my firm came from a recommendation received by a mutual friend of ours.

So I was like, what…, seriously??

What I understood from that conversation

When it comes to brand differentiation, you need to communicate in a way that emotionally speak to the person’s value, the promise in what you are saying, what you are showing and delivering that people can vouch for you.

In other words, make sure they feel related, connected more specifically on an emotional level with your values, what you are offering or just the idea of working with you.

This way at least it will not take you more than 3 years to nail a big fish.

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