Part 1 with Hans Michel Beaugelus

Upcoming part 2 with Radley Joseph

We’ll write a book on this topic. However I’m thinking of doing a course on that, so stay tuned.

Time for a little story.

When I was in High School, I was always the one among my friends who was always trying to prove…

Tell me you are successful in something without telling your success in that particular thing?

Overnight Success, can you relate?

Do you believe in overnight success? Do you think in the real world, such a thing, coincidence, chances exist? I believe there are people out there who are confident about it.

If you are this…

Se faire une idée sur la situation politique en Haïti.-

A l’heure actuelle, l’opinion populaire est d’avis que le pays fait face à une crise nulle autre pareil qui n’a cessé de le plonger dans les profondeurs de la pauvreté depuis plusieurs décennies.

En autre, la majorité des haïtiens sont…

Hans Be

Author & Story writer. GBI founder, YLAI 2020 & Lonbrit founder. Business strategist and Sales & Marketing Consultant.

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